Our Philosophy and Goals


The program is based upon the premise that each child has the inherent right to develop the skills necessary to be a life-long learner. The Early Childhood Program stimulates thinking and expression, exploration and curiosity.

We believe every child is unique in terms of life experiences, developmental readiness and cultural heritage. Partnership between school and home provide for a better understanding and increased knowledge of the child’s educational goals, development and activities. The foremost task of Bristol Preschool Child Care Center, Inc. program is to promote optimum development of a healthy self-concept in each child.




  • Develop a positive self-image which is reflected by independence, self-discipline, confidence, responsibility and appropriate interactions in a variety of ways.

  • Learn in a child-centered environment through spontaneity and curiosity which will assist in the development of the child’s social and emotional health.

  • Be encouraged to reach their potential in all areas of development through adult support in a happy and safe environment.

  • Have opportunity for choices; creativity of learning which will promote confidence for the present and future learning and overall development.

  • Expand skills between school and home through active parent involvement which will enhance individual self-growth.




  1. To be alert, curious, self-confident, positive and independent.
  2. To be aware of personal feelings and to begin to express themselves appropriately so they can be understood by others.

  3. To respect the feelings and rights of others, to begin to understand another person’s point of view and to begin to be independent and cooperative member of a group.

  4. To feel secure in relationships with adults where there is mutual respect.

  5. To be creative and come up with interesting ideas, problems and questions.

  6. To think about relationships among things and to notice their simi- larities and differences.

  7. To increase the various basic information and basic practical skills.

  8. To develop greater coordination and to explore, enjoy and increase the various ways of large and small muscles.

  9. To develop language and speech vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and the enjoyment of speaking and communicating with others.