Letter to Parents on the Library

Here are some of the things we do with children as we read: 
•    We look at pictures together and ask children questions: "What is that silly cat doing?" We encourage children to predict what will happen next: "What do you suppose will happen now?"
•    We encourage children to repeat words, rhymes, and phrases they've memorized.
•    We talk about the different components to a book: author, illustrator, cover, beginning, end, etc…


What You Can Do at Home


If you’re interested in setting up a home library for your child, here are some suggestions: 
•    Designate a place in the house where your child can independently read, write, look at magazines, and listen to tapes.
•    Decorate the chosen area with pictures (preferably homemade by your child) and plants.
•    Add pillows and soft furniture to this area so your child feels relaxed and happy here.
•    If bookshelves are not available, cover sturdy diaper boxes (large size) with contact paper and use as bookcases, or use wooden or plastic crates as bookshelves.

If you'd like some guidance on choosing books or tapes for your home library, please come see us. We can recommend children's books that we'd have used and would be delighted to share. We also have lending libraries available if you would like to borrow a book. You can draw on the resources of your local public library to keep your child's home library well-stocked.
Books, tapes, and writing materials are wonderful ways to help children learn. When you take time to read to your child every day, you are doing the very best thing to help your child grow up to be a successful reader.


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