Parent Reminders


Please make sure you are supervising your child during arrival and departure. Many of the children are going into their classroom or other areas of the building without a parent. Please have your child wait to go into their classroom with you to gather their belongings at the end of the day and wait to go down the stairs with an adult. We have received some complaints that children are being left in vehicles while parents are dropping off siblings. Please do not leave children unattended in vehicles. All staff are mandated reporters and will make a call if this is witnessed. For your child’s safety please bring your child inside with you. We appreciate your assistance.


Only Positive Words

“I only have positive words to say about BPCCC—they are “hands on”. My 11 year old also attended BPCCC in 2001-02 & today she is a an outstanding straight A student—I believe BPCCC shaped her academically.”
Rebecca Hogan—3 year old parent

Welcome to Bristol Preschool!
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We're in the Bristol Press!

4 decades as ‘Bristol’s best

kept secret’

January 25, 2013

Tucked behind Bristol’s downtown area is a facility where 150 3- to 4-year-olds spend the year learning, playing and preparing for the next steps of their education.
Bristol Preschool Child Care Center, Inc., located on West Street, has been in existence for 42 years, and its executive director, Shirley Anderson, said she hears time and time again that “it is Bristol’s best kept secret.”

Now Accepting Fall Registrations

Bristol Preschool is now accepting Fall Registrations!  You can obtain a registration form online, or contact us for more information.


Letters to Parents

A Letter to Parents on Music and Movement

What We Do and Why


We do a lot of singing and creative movement in our program. Singing and moving to music give the children a chance to move freely, practice new skills, and feel good about what their bodies can do. The children love our daily time for singing together, and it helps them develop the ability to cooperate in a group. Here are some of the things we do to encourage a love for music and movement: